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Cute Mermaid Party Ideas and Activities for Birthday Celebrations

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I love seeing all of the cute mermaid party ideas that are floating around the internet. They are fun, colorful, and just plain adorable!

These days, you can find a ton of creative mermaid party supplies and activities to make your party extra special.

How to Throw a Mermaid Party

  1. Find the perfect mermaid color palette that you want to use. Pink, purple, and blue is always a great option for mermaid parties. You can also throw some silver in the mix for fun.
  2. Purchase, print, or make your own mermaid invites to send out.
  3. Decorate! Add some mermaid flair to your home with fun party decorations and supplies (see some cool mermaid party supplies below).
  4. Serve mermaid-inspired party treats and create a fun mermaid cake.
  5. Find the perfect mermaid drink. This can be as simple as blue Kool-Aid or something with a little more color and fun.
  6. Get the party games and activities ready (see some fun mermaid games below).
  7. Get the mermaid party favors and let the kids take them home with them. You can make your own or buy premade ones (I’ve included some fun store-bought ideas below).

How to Make a Mermaid Party Fun

  • Play some fun mermaid-themed games with the kids.
  • Have everyone make some cute mermaid crafts.
  • Serve fun mermaid party treats.
  • Create a colorful mermaid party drink for the kids.
  • Play some fun water mermaid games or have a mermaid pool party.
  • Set up a mermaid face painting area so the kids can get their faces painted like mermaids.
  • Have a mermaid dance-off.
  • Play pin the tail on the mermaid.
  • Have a mermaid race with all of the kids.
  • Play mermaid bingo.
  • Create mermaid jewelry or crafts for the guests to take home.

Cute Mermaid Party Ideas for Treats

Cute Mermaid Party Ideas and Activities for Birthday Celebrations

When it comes to throwing a mermaid-themed party, you gotta have some delicious mermaid party treats. It’s a must! These Cute Mermaid Party Ideas, mermaid desserts, and party treats will be the perfect addition to the party.

Mermaid Rice Krispie Treats. Cute and super easy to make, these marshmallow rice krispie treats are perfect for a mermaid party treat.

Mermaid Cookies. Cute and colorful, these mermaid cookies will be a hit for mermaid birthday parties.

Easy Mermaid Popcorn. Fun and festive, this mermaid popcorn will be a crowd-pleaser.

Mermaid Lollipops. Kids will love these fun mermaid lollipops.

Rice Krispie Treats Mermaid Style.

Easy Mermaid Tail Cupcakes.

Clam Shell Cupcakes.

DIY Mermaid Cake.

Cute Mermaid Party Ideas

Mermaid Candy Board from Cutefetti. Colorful candy is what makes this candy board a great mermaid party treat.

Mermaid Jello Cups from Finding Zest. These little mermaid cups will make a tasty treat for kids at the party.

Mermaid Hot Chocolate Bombs from Living Life as Moms. Perfect for sleepovers, these mermaid hot chocolate bombs are fun for everyone.

Mermaid Candy Fudge from A Magical Mess. Magical and fun, this candy fudge is a delicious sweet treat kids and adults will love.

Mermaid Rice Krispie Treats from Finding Zest. Another super cute mermaid party treat, these rice krispie treats are fun.

Mermaid Cupcakes from Baking Beauty. You can’t forget about the birthday cupcakes! These mermaid cupcakes are fun and delicious.

Easy Mermaid Donut Holes from A Magical Mess. These bite-sized treats will make the perfect party addition.

Mermaid Water Drinks from Saving Dollars and Sense. Magical and fun, this mermaid-themed party drink is easy to make.

Mermaid Milkshakes from Fun Money Mom. Talk about some party fun! The kids will be excited to see and enjoy these mermaid milkshakes!

Cute Mermaid Party Crafts

As the kids celebrate the special mermaid-themed day, adding some fun mermaid party crafts will make the party even more fun. They will love putting them together and they can take them home as party favors.

Mermaid Slime from Juggling Act Mama. Kids love slime and this mermaid slime is fun and easy to make.

Mermaid Iron On Shirt from Juggling Act Mama. These mermaid shirts make a fun mermaid craft and party favor!

Mermaid Crown with Seashells from Creative Green Living. The kids will love making this fun mermaid crown during the party.

Mermaid Toilet Paper Craft from Two Kids and a Coupon. An easy craft that the kids can do, this mermaid craft is cute.

Mermaid Succulent Garden from Creative Green Living. Make the party extra fun as the kids put together their own mermaid-themed succulent garden.

Mermaid Tail Bookmarks from Big Family Blessings. These mermaid bookmarks will make a fun craft for the party.

Mermaid Eggs from Everyday Shortcuts. These may be for Easter, but they would definitely make a fun party craft!

Wooden Spoon Mermaid Craft from I Heart Crafty Things.

Mermaid Water Painting Craft. Print out the template and let the kids go wild painting their colorful mermaids.

Mermaid Slime. Glittery and fun, the kids will love making and playing with this mermaid slime.

Mermaid Bingo. Gather the kids to play a fun game of mermaid bingo.

Mermaid Bath Bombs.

Mermaid Soap for Kids.

Rockin Mermaid Paper Craft.

Pin these Cute Mermaid Party Ideas so that you can come back to it!

Cute Mermaid Party Ideas and Activities for Birthday Celebrations

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